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Advertize your site on Voat for 24 hours. Each quantity you purchase will give you 24 hours of site wide ad placement in sidebar. Maximum of 7 days of ad placement per purchase. Terms and Conditions apply.

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 Terms and Conditions:

  1. No refunds are issued once ad is placed
  2. Ads are run sequentially, with no gaps in duration, for the number of days (24 hour period) the ad was purchased
  3. All ads must be approved by Voat. Any ad not approved by Voat will be refunded within 7 days
  4. No animated graphics are permitted (.png, .jpeg only)
  5. Voat will not track number of clicks or impressions of ads
  6. Voat reserves the right to schedule the start date of the ad
  7. Prices may be changed at any time without further notice
  8. Dimensions of graphic image must be between 270w x 100h - 270w x 540h
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